Environmental Policy

Truprint litho as a supplier recognises and accepts its responsibility to reduce the adverse effects on the environment resulting from the services we supply.

Our aim and ongoing concern is to maintain a high level of Environmental Management with constant assessment and to improve on any areas where possible.

Environmental Commitments

  • Substrates used are always sourced from a reputable supplier and must carry minimum certificating of either FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) or PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification). If recycled materials are to be used, we only source ECF (elemental chlorine free) or TCF (totally chlorine free). Paper usage is monitored by our management information system to keep usage to a minimum. All paper/board is recycled in the appropriate way.
  • Inks are vegetable based (soya) and not mineral, they provide exceptional environmental benefits without compromise on quality.
  • Chemicals we use are low risk, bio degradable and constantly monitored for improvement towards the risk against the environment. We are currently reducing our IPA consumption by up to 70% and within the next 6-12 months are aiming to totally eliminate the need for IPA alcohol as an additive.
  • CTP / Studio Our waste developer is collected by our licensed waste carrier Saxon Recycling, CTP waste products are converted into a non hazardous liquid with any silver content removed up to 95% is recycled. Our used plates are also collected by Saxon Recycling being aluminium these are melted down into pure aluminium for re use.
  • Transport Our deliveries are calculated to ensure that this is done as economically possible reducing fuel consumption.
  • Recycling
    • Waste paper is collected by our licensed waste carrier Timberlakes for recycling. Any clean off cuts of paper are donated to Local schools.
    • Plastics which include chemical containers, wrappings are also collected by Timberlakes for recycling these are cleaned, sorted, graded and recycled into usable products.
    • Wood Pallets Rather than being destroyed are collected by our paper suppliers for re-use. Any that are damaged and found not suitable are shredded and re manufactured into fibreboard / chipboard.
    • Office Waste All paper is added to our waste paper recycling bins for collection by our licensed carrier.
      All ink cartridges / Toners are donated to local schools for funding.
      Paper usage is kept to a minimum and were possible paperless forms of communications are used.
      Old desktop printers are taken to the local council recycling plant.

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