Technical Specification

We can accommodate artwork created in the majority of software applications and supplied on various media formats. Please contact us to verify your artwork file type is supported.

Sending your Files

We have tried to ensure that no matter how large your files may be there is always a suitable method for us to receive them.

We just ask that you follow the guidelines below.


Sending them via email should only be considered for files less than five megabytes.

FTP - Upload your files

Larger files (up to 300mb) can be transferred using our FTP SITE to send them between your computer and our server.
Contact us to request a customer login.


We would request that over large files be supplied on disc in an uncompressed format wherever possible. Stuff it or Zip may be used to compress files if found to be necessary.

In all cases artwork will only be returned if specifically requested at the point of ordering


BCARD - 55x85mm (cut size) - 60x90mm (with bleed)
A7 - 71.5x105mm (cut size) - 76.5x110mm (with bleed)
A6 - 105x148mm (cut size) - 110x153mm (with bleed)
A5 - 148x210mm (cut size) - 153x215mm (with bleed)
A4 - 210x297mm (cut size) - 215x302mm (with bleed)
  A3 - 420x297mm (cut size) - 425x302mm (with bleed)
A2 - 594x420mm (cut size) - 599x425mm (with bleed)
A1 - 840x594mm (cut size) - 845x599mm (with bleed)
A0 - 1188x840mm (cut size) - 1193x845mm (with bleed)
DL - 210x99mm (cut size) - 210x104mm (with bleed)